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Passport: Nutrition examines the key markets, drivers and dietary trends, driving sales of eight key nutrients, purchased through packaged food and soft drink products in 54 countries. LEARN MORE Passport (formerly known as Global Market Information Database, or GMID) is a subscription- based database, one of several market research solutions produced by Euromonitor International (EI). Anyone who has ever read or used SWOT reports in research may have encountered those authored by EI and its legions of analysts, who are located in nearly every corner of the globe. Any citations that reference data or a report that is older than one year from the date of publication must include the month and year of publication “ MM/YY ” or “ YY/MM ” and link back to the original piece of content for reference. Passport contents. The Passport database – a resource from Euromonitor - provides access to market research for consumer industries, country profiles for over eighty countries and economic, demographic and marketing statistics from around the world.

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These data were extracted from Euromonitor Passport Statistics retrieved March 22, 2012, from Euromonitor Passport Database. Euromonitor. (2013). Clothing Retailers in  24 Feb 2021 Retrieved from eMarketer database. Euromonitor Passport. Examples for reports with/without an author and with/  10 May 2016 These are the sources and citations used to research Marketing.

The market location and dollar sales of meat pies in New Zealand, March 2009– March 2011 [Graph]. Nielsen Market Information Digest New Zealand database.

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Reports include history and trends, market share, brand share, retail sales data, consumer lifestyles data, and more. Manage your citations and create bibliographies; Euromonitor International. (2011, March 10).

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Simultaneous User Limit: Unlimited simultaneous  21 Nov 2020 Citing Euromonitor Passport Please click on the MS Word doc below to learn the format to properly cite Passport data. Keep in mind that in many  It provides selected citation examples for common types of sources. For more Retrieved January 21, 2021, from

(2008a, December 17). Consumer lifestyles in Egypt. Retrieved from Euromonitor International.
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Magasinering Lund till rimliga priser med bevakning

The Referencing guides show an example of how to reference an industry report from databases like Passport, OSIRIS, and Company360. Was this answer helpful? Euromonitor Passport is an integrated web-based interface to three Euromonitor databases including the International Market Information System, the Global Market Information Databases, and In-Text: How to cite in-text. Elements:.

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(2019, April). Full-service restaurants in Singapore. Euromonitor - Passport Factiva Automated scripts and text mining projects are strictly forbidden in Factiva. Please contact the Head of the Research & Learning Hub to secure a separate contract for such projects. Financial Times ISI Emerging Markets (See EMIS - Emerging Markets Information Service) Marketline Advantage S&P Capital IQ (N.B.